Ap Fan Motor Rewinding

Ap Fan Motor Rewinding Data Hindi

In this article, I m describe Ap Fan Motor Rewinding Data In Hindi full rewinding how to rewind ap fan motor in Hindi? all-purpose fan motor 2800 RPM winding data Ap fan motor winding rewinding data 2800 RPM

      How To Rewind Ap Fan Motor?

जब भी हम किसी एपी फैन की मोटर की वाइंडिंग करना स्टार्ट करेंगे तो उसमें हम टोटल चार Coils डालेंगे जिनमें से 2 Coil Ap Fan Motor की रनिंग माइनिंग के होंगे और दो ही Coils Ap Fan की मोटर के स्टार्टिंग वाइंडिंग के होंगे This is the Running winding, coil turn pitch and style.you can watch its part 2 for starting winding and its style.

How To Rewind Ap Fan Motor?
How To Rewind Ap Fan Motor?


Ap Fan Motor Full Rewinding Data

  • Running winding pitch       1-8   1-10  1-12
  • Running winding turns       350 – 350 – 350


    Ap Fan Starting pitch           1-8  1-10   1-12

    Starting winding coil turns  320   320   320

Coil size =27 INCH ( You can adjust it according to your stator)

                      Ap Fan Motor Rewinding data  Video.



Ap Fan Motor Rewinding Starting Data.



Ap Fan Motor Winding Data Another Video


ap fan motor winding video

Ap Fan Motor Winding Connection Video.

Ap Fan Motor Fitting Video.

Arrange Some Other Videos For You

Which is the best motor for a fan.

normally 1400 rpm motor is best and long life and better than 2800 rpm.

How I get a new motor of stand fan?

You can buy all electrical product from Electrical Homes.

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