Cooler Motor Winding Data | 24 Slot Cooler Motor

Cooler Motor Winding Data | 24 Slot Cooler Motor Rewinding

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Cooler Motor Winding data and 24 Slot Cooler Motor Winding data are known as 3 speed cooler motor rewinding/winding also known as 24 slots 1440 rpm cooler motor winding, You will find the complete way to do cooler motor winding in this post. Cooler Motor Winding There are two types of stamping of the cooler motor one is 24 slots and the second is 36 slots. There are two types of the Cooler Motor Winding 24 slots and 36 slots. In the cooler’s 24 slots motor also delays down to 4 Coils. And a total of 4 coils is inserted in the Cooler motor of 36 slots 24 slots cooler motor winding data.

Cooler Motor Winding Tips.

Cooler motor mostly comes in 24 and 36 slots, the 24 Slot motor that we have can be whitewashed in 3 speed and the 36 slots can be whitewashed in 30 minutes with little comfort because the 36 slot motor It has more space than a 24 Slot motor, it is easier to wind a 36 watt motor than a 24 Slot Cooler Motor, but still, most of the 24 Slot motor is coming in the market, it also has a reason because 24 watt Reminding the motor takes less time and it takes less wire than a 36 Slot Cooler motor. Whenever you turn off the cooler motor, first clean the cooler motor thoroughly and then put the insulation paper in it. Insulation paper Use number 7 Numer, the paper which is number 7 should be white paper and it should be tomorrow itself. You should never put a green shade in the cooler motor because the green sheet does not work well in the cooler. It is also a region shows water cooler and it Moisturizer Master Hats moisture content is higher and therefore does not work in the Green sheet.

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cooler motor winding
cooler motor winding

Cooler Motor Capacitor Capacity.

Cooler motor winding we mostly rewind at 1440 Rpm. Winding is also done in high-speed motors of some coolers.
In India and some Asian countries, this cooler motor operates at 200 volts. You can install a capacitor of 4 mfd in a Cooler Motor Capacitor Capacity.

cooler motor
Cooler Motor

Bush And Bearing in Cooler Motor.

Cooler motors have more bush applied nowadays and The bearings are better than a BUSH. Bearing is more reliable and provides long life in motor than bush, quality motors are used nowadays, motors with bearings are better than bush motors because the bearings last longer than the bush and do not deteriorate quickly.

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Cooler Motor Winding Data 24 Slot.Cooler Motor Rewinding

There are several precautions that you should take while winding the motor. First of all, clean the cooler motor properly. After thoroughly cleaning the cooler motor stator, you put the insulation paper in it. You can put 4 numbers in the insulation paper. You should never forget to put a green sheet in the cooler motor. Because water runs in the cooler during the summer season. And the green sheet quickly deteriorates due to running water. Because the green sheet is not plastic and there is a lot of chance that it will deteriorate due to water moisture.

While moving the Motor Rewinding, make coils of it for winding. A total of 4 coils will go into it. 4 coils will be of the running winding and 4 coils will be of the starting winding of the cooler motor. Running winding is called bottom winding in most motors and upward winding is often called starting winding

2 Speed Cooler Motor Wiring Diagram.

 Cooler motor winding is done in two ways – one is Single speed and the other is Three-speed winding. Total 4 winding comes out in the single speed winding, while in the three-speed winding, the work is 6 wire out

 3 Speed cooler motor winding Life is small compare to single speed cooler motor winding, so we are always recommended to keep single-phase winding.

2 Speed Cooler Motor Wiring Diagram.
motor winding data

In single-speed Motor winding, you can put the Red-coloured wire in the running winding. And you can put the black wire in the starting winding.

Cooler Motor Winding Connection.

A total of 6 wires come out in 3-speed winding. Cooler Motor Winding Connection Is Very Easy. The blue wire is a common wire in the cooler motor. The red wire has working speed, the white wire has medium speed, and black wire has high speed, which is the fastest. And after that, there is a 2 wire starting winding.

At the time of Cooler winding Connection, you will Be Use Wire Number 29 in its running winding. And you can enter 33 numbers in the starting winding. The motor winding will have a pitch of running winding 1 to 4 and 1 to 6. You will put Coil once in 1 to 4 pitches. And in the winding of the cooler motor, in 1 to 6 pitch, Coils will have to rotate 2 times.

You can take the help of our YouTube channel for easy winding of the Cooler motor And Cooler Motor Winding Connection Diagram. By watching this video, you can wind the cooler motor very easily And make Cooler Motor Winding Diagram. You can click on the link given below for more information. And if you get a little help in this video and from this post then don’t forget to like our videos and posts.

Cooler Motor Winding Connection Diagram.

cooler motor connection
Cooler Motor Winding Connection

Cooler Motor Heating Up Quickly Why?.

If your cooler motor is heating up too soon or too much, then either there is the aluminum wire used in its wiring (aluminum being a not so good conductor, heats up easily due to excessive electrical losses, that’s why the copper wire is preferred in high-performance motors) or the bearings are faulty resulting in more friction or this motor is mounted in a way that the moving air isn’t able to take away it’s heated effectively. in another way if your Cooler Motor Shaft & Bush are loose then your Cooler motor heating up quickly and maybe the winding is please check cooler motor Bush and Shaft properly before fitting the cooler motor.

Cooler Motor Garam Kyo Hoti Hai.

Due to the electrical losses and the high-speed mechanical action, every motor heats-up.

24 Slot Cooler Motor Rewinding Winding Video Watch Here.

3 Speed Cooler Motor Winding data Video


24 Slot Cooler Motor Rewinding Winding Data Here

Core length                  1 inch
Inner diameter              3 inch
Outer diameter              5 inch

Slot.   24

watts 370

Rpm 1440

Cooler Motor Capacitor  = 4 MFD

4 pole motor winding.

capacitor 4 mfd in 220 volts to 240 volts.

5 mfd in the down voltage area.

VOLTS  =220

RPM = 1440

Single Phase Supply

Winding Wire = Copper Wire


2 Speed Cooler Motor Winding Data Is Here.


This is speed coil detail

Pitch        1-4        1-6
Turns        70         130
Swg           32         30 [copper]


3-Speed Cooler Motor Winding Data Coils Turns.

First  swg —-31  —-  -Turns ==40     (speed coil)

Next swg  —31   —— Turns ==60     (speed coil)

Next swg —-29  —–  -Turns===110 (speed coil)


Running pitch             1-4 and 1-6

Running Turns             165      330

coil.     1-4 (1 baar gumana)

Coil.      1-6( 2 baar gumana hai)

 Running Winding Swg Number   =   30 ( Wire Number ) [copper]

Cooler Motor Winding Data 24 Slot Cooler Motor Winding Part 2 Here (Starting Winding)

Starting pitch   1-4 and. 1-6

Coil Pitch.            1-4.      1-6

Coil Turn              160.      320

Swg Starting Motor Winding     =   32 ( Wire Number ) [Copper]

Total coils 8 pc

4 coils in running


4coils in. starting

Cooler Motor Coil size is    =   25.5 inch

Cooler Motor Connection Diagram Download Here

   Download Here

Connection = Normal

3 speed cooler motor winding diagram
cooler motor connection
cooler motor connection
cooler motor connection,cooler motor winding data,24 slot cooler motor winding data
cooler motor connection

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