phips steam iron repair

How To Repair Electrical Iron Press Auto Cut Full Information

  How to repair Electrical iron Repair press auto cut full information In this post we have shown how can you repair old types of electric iron. ou can get more help with VIDEO in this post also present’ I had been told this electrical iron quietly ceased functioning, in other words, it wasn’t getting sexy anymore when attached to the power. I opened the outer cover and see the circuit structure. See the photo below.


The metallic strip is made of two metals of different temperature attributes: one expands with heat more than the other. The principle of operation of a Bi-metallic strip is that as the iron warms up among the two metals will expand over the other. This makes the metallic to bend up (in this instance ) and also break the electrical contact, thus breaking the flow into the heating element.

Electric iron repair

Electric Iron Thermostat Repair

 how to set its auto cut and thermostat.
the element is so many types and so many watts like 450 watts to 3200 WATS and above.
thermostat design will be different on different companies.

There was no visible symptom of the failure of any area. I used my digital multimeter set on the Ohmic range. I analyzed the heating element, it analyzed well. I followed closely the circuit from the entrance point of an electricity cable to the heating component Thermostat Setting.

The present should pass from pole 1, through the thermostat, a component in white-colored sleeves to rod 2. From rod 2 it moves through the element back to rod 3. I took out that role in white sleeves and measured its continuity individually. It had been providing me infinity. This implies that it had been open circuited

Electric iron repair

Philips Electric Iron VS Bajaj Electric

iron repair
iron repair

Bajaj company design is different and Philips steam iron design will be different.
different people like different brands.
so watch its video on our links

I replaced the faulty component with a new one. Notice that I set the new device into the original sleeves. I analyzed the joys of the entire circuit: from rod 1 through heat management apparatus to rod 2 via the Device to heat element and back to the pole, the result was satisfactory. I attached the power cable; I made sure it was secure to power it up. It worked so well! At different temperature ranges, the warmth was controlled by the thermostat from the functioning of the Bi-metallic strip expected. Glory to God!

इस्त्री(आयरन या प्रेस) को कैसे ठीक करते हैं

इस पोस्ट में हमें यह वर्णन करना है कि इलेक्ट्रिकल्स आयरन प्रेस की मरम्मत कैसे करें।

और इसके हीटिंग तत्व की जांच कैसे करें

ऑटो कट और थर्मोस्टेट कैसे सेट करें।

तत्व इतने प्रकार के और इतने सारे वाट हैं जैसे 450 वाट से 3200

Electric iron repair

वाट और उससे अधिक।

विभिन्न कंपनियों पर थर्मोस्टैट का डिज़ाइन अलग होगा

बजाज कंपनी का डिज़ाइन अलग है और फिलिप्स का स्टीम आयरन डिज़ाइन अलग होगा।

अलग-अलग लोग अलग-अलग ब्रांड को पसंद करते हैं।

तो हमारे लिंक पर इसका वीडियो देखें

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