table fan coil winding data

Table Fan Winding Data Pdf-Table Fan Coil Connection.

Table fanCoil winding diagram pdf Table fan motor winding data 8+8 coil slow speed motor winding data.

Table Fan Winding Data Pdf-Table Fan Coil Connection.

The stator of the Table Fan is of 8 slots. And in this post, we are also cover Table Fan Winding And the total coils are also 8 Slot. Its total RPM is 1400. And it Runs on 220 volts Ac Supply. It is made with a stator of 2 to 3 types, with only the difference of core length. Everything Is the same. It takes from 55 watts to 100 watts. You Can Also Watch Table Fan Coil Connection.

Table fan motor winding data by electrical trendz





Table Fan Winding.

Here we have shown how to rewind a  Table fan motor.
How much will be its pitch, which will be the number of the wire, how many slots it will be, And how much will he be able to do? You can know about it completely and go to the link provided by visiting the video. And do not forget to subscribe to email together. And also subscribe to our channel on YouTube.

Core LengthMotor-SlotCoil-TurnsSWG-Wire Number
20-MM (0.80-INCH)8-Slots1000 Turns36 Number(Copper-Wire)


Table fan motor  Full Data Is Here 

  • Core-Length = 0.80 Inch
  • Motor Stamping = 20.4MM 
  • Outer Diameter = 3.80 Inch ( 97.2 MM.)
  • Slots =8
  • Turns  =1000
  • Swg- Wire Number  =36 Number (Copper-Wire)


Table Fan Coil Connection?

Table Fan Coil Connection Diagram
                                    Table Fan Coil Connection Diagram

 With the help of a Table Fan Coil Connection Diagram, you can easily make a Table Fan Coil Connection. In the table fan motor, we are installing 8 coils, Four Coil is installed for table fan running winding, and also the other four coils for table fan starting winding.

Connection = Normal
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