3phase motor winding 1hp 3 phase motor rewinding data .

3 Phase Motor Winding Diagram & Resistance Values.

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In this post, we have shown how to set up the coil size of a 1 hp 3 phase motor. Resistance Values Chart also covered in this chart.

Motor Ohm Values Chart.

it’s a very easy way here to Know The Motor Ohm Values Chart & set up the coil size of the motor. you can get it as an example and do it with all types of motors like single-phase and three-phase. so the friend keeps watch and enjoy it.

Motor Ohm Values Chart

Motor Ohm Values Chart By MotorCoilWindingData.Com
Nominal Equipment Voltage (VAC)Minimum Test Value (VDC)Minimum Insulation Resistance (MQ)

3 Phase Motor Winding

Hello everyone, I am Raj and, within these Instructables, I will show you, how to rewind and renew the old three-phase electric motor. If you are searching for the rewinding of a single-phase motor you can find it here.

In these Instructables, I will earn a step ahead. In the next steps, I will show you how to analyze motors twisting, disassemble the motor, eliminate bearings, calculate fresh winding, rewind the motor, reassemble it using new bearings and examine the engine.

Rewinding is a very long procedure. It took about two weeks to rewind it, replace all of the previous parts, and reassemble it. If you have any questions you can easily message me.

3 Phase Motor Winding Resistance Values Chart.

In This Typical Winding Resistance Values For 3 Phase Motor, You Can Get Full Winding Resistance Value, what reading should a 3 phase motor windings and earth give.

3 Phase Motor Winding Resistance Values

TypeMotor Model PrefixHPKW.VOLTS.HZ.S.F.(2) Current Ampere.Watts.(2) AMPERE.Wattage.M=Main Res. S=Start Res.
4"2-WiRE2445041/20.37 115601.6106701296010-1.3
4"2- Wire2445073/40.55230601.56.89408.013103.0-3.6
4"2- Wire24450810.75230601.48.2121210.516002.2-2.7
4"2- Wire2443091.51.0230601.310.6177013.122801.5-2.1


Ohm 3 Phase Motor Windings Resistance Chart.

In This Ohm 3 Phase Motor Windings, you can see the full 3 Phase Motor Windings Ohm Diagram.How To Measure Resistance On 3 Phase Motor.

Ohm 3 Phase Motor Windings

Motor Winding Resistance Values By Motor Coil Winding Data .Com
TypeMotor Model PrefixHPKW.VOLTS.HZ.S.F.(2) Current Ampere.Watts.(2) AMPERE.Wattage.M=Main Res. S=Start Res.
4"3-WiRE2145041/20.37 115601.6Y10.0,B10.0,R0670Y12.0.B12.0,R0960M1.0-1.3,S4.1-5.1
4"3- Wire2445073/40.55230601.5Y6.8,B6.8,R0940Y8.0,B8.0,R01310M3.0-3.6,S10.7-13.1
4"3- Wire24450810.75230601.4Y8.2,B8.2,R0121210.4,10.4,R01600M2.2-2.7,S9.9-12.1

3 Phase Motor Winding Video Is Here.

You may get all information about the type of old winding in”winding head”. Winding mind a part of winding where all connections are created. By the twisting mind (Type of winding), the number of cables in each gap, and the thickness of the cable you can rewind new motors twisting without performing calculations in the next step.

3 Phase Motor Winding Diagram

A Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor is the most commonly used motor on earth. It has quite good efficacy and low manufacture and preserves costs. Two chief sections of the engine are both rotor and stator.

The rotor is usually made as a squirrel-cage, and it is inserted into the stator’s hole. The stator is made out of iron core and twisting. The stator is used to generate a magnetic field. 3 stages generate a turning magnetic field so we don’t require a capacitor on the Three-Phase Motor.

Rotation magnetic field” reduces” squirrel-cage, where it induces a voltage. Because the cage is short-circuited, the voltage creates a flow of electrical current. Present in a magnetic field creates force.

Since the magnetic field must rotate faster than the rotor to induce a voltage in the rotor. That is why engine speed is slightly less than magnetic field speed ((3000 rpm [Magnetic field] — 2800 rpm [Electric motor])). That’s why we call them a Three-phase ASYNCHRONOUS electric motor.


  1. About the motors inscription board we can find the most useful information about motor:
  2. Motors nominal voltage (for celebrity (Y) and Valve (D) motor connection) [V]
  3. Motors nominal current (for celebrity (Y) and triangle (D)
  4. motor connection) [A]Power of the electrical motor [W]
  5. Power factor cos Fi Rotation speed [rpm]Nominal frequency [Hz]

3 Phase Motor Winding Resistance Value.

Testing For Short For Ground With Ohm Meter.

3 phase motor winding resistance values, Using Ohm meter: Disconnect all power from the system. Check all three wires singly T1, T2, T3 (three phases) to the ground wire. Readings should be infinite.

If it’s zero or reads some continuity at all, then a problem is present with the motor or cable. If it goes directly to the motor and disconnect from the cable and checks the motor and the cable individually.

Be sure to be certain leads on both ends are not touching anything including the other leads. Many servo motor shorts may be read with a normal quality meter. Ensure that you use a quality meter moving up to 10megohms.

Assess all 3 wires separately T1, T2, T3 (three phases) to the ground cable. Readings are often in a variety from 600-2000 Megohms. Most shorts will be below 20 megohms.

Be careful not to touch the wires to anything when taking the reading. It can give false and unrepeatable readings causing one to pursue your narrative. The above is exactly what I found to be typical for 230 Vac 3 Phase Motors.

Even though 230 meg for a 230 Vac circuit appears on the low side from my experience. Simply use this as a guideline. Just beware that from 230 meg to 600 meg frequently shows some deterioration in the cables or engine insulation.

Testing For Open & Short In Motor Winding.

Place meter on ohms: T1 to T2 T2 to T3 T1 to T3 The scope generally expected is.3 to 2.0 ohms, although most are all about .8ohms. If you read zero, a brief between phases exists. Usually, if it’s open, it is infinite or well above 2K ohms.

Cable and Plug Note Oftentimes, the connector onto the cable to the engine will get coolant in it. Consider drying it out and retesting it. If it is still awful, the inserts themselves will occasionally get burnt marks in them, causing a slight brief.

In cases like this, the inserts should be substituted. Also, look for places where the cable moves through tracking. Wires will wear through over time. If it’s a DC Motor, assess the brushes.

There should be 3-4 round caps to remove around the motor. Under these, you will discover spring with a square block (brush). See just how much is left perhaps need to replace. Also, assess the commutator that the brushes ride for wear; try wiping the surface down.

3 Phase Motor Winding Connections


इस पोस्ट में हमने दिखाया है कि 1 HP 3 फेज मोटर का कॉइल साइज कैसे सेट करें।

इसका बहुत ही आसान तरीका मोटर के कुंडल आकार को स्थापित करने के लिए है। आप इसे उदाहरण के रूप में प्राप्त कर सकते हैं और इसे सभी प्रकार की मोटरों के साथ कर सकते हैं जैसे एकल चरण और तीन चरण। तो दोस्त देखते रहें और इसका आनंद लें।

Open the cover of the conduit box. Before measuring eliminate all links in the conduction box. Measure resistance for each winding, the resistance between 2 distinct winding, and resistance between twisting and motors frame.

Resistances Of Three Phase Motor Winding needs to be the same (+/- 5%). Resistance involving two winding and winding – framework ought to be more than 1,5 Mega ohm. You can detect burned motors winding by unique odor (smells like burned lacquer).

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