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Table fan motor winding data with connection in hindi

Table fan motor winding data with Connection in Hindi. Table fan 8 slots 1440 rpm motor winding data also covered in this post.

8 Slot Table fan motor winding.

There are 8 SLOTS in the Table fan Motor and 8 Coils Will Be Inserted in this Table Fan Motor, 4 are of COILS running winding and four are of COILS starting winding. The winding STATOR of the table fan motor also Fitted in many Types of motors. Such as exhaust fan Madhani’s motor, wall fan, etc.

Motor Winding paper.

You can use the NUMBER 7 WHITE PAPER in the Winding Of The Table Fan Motor, and also the GREEN SHEET can be used in the winding of the table fan motor.

8 Slot Table fan motor winding.
8 Slot Table fan motor winding.

Table fan motor winding data.

When we are doing the winding of the table fan we will put on the 36 number winding wire, and with the 36 number winding wire we put 1000 TURNS which will be the TURNS of the running winding of the table fan winding and the Starting winding of the table fan. We will Insert 960 TURNS and in this Table Fan Motor, we will enter 36 NUMBER Copper Winding wire.

Table fan connection.

In this post, we have given you the connection diagram of a table fan below, which you can easily make a connection to a table fan, the table fan has a COIL running winding and NEXT COIL starting winding, and in this post In it, we have also given a video of the connection of the table fan, you can benefit by watching it.

Shaft bush of Table fan.

After winding the table fan, do not forget to check the SHAFT and BUSH of the table fan, if the bush and SHAFT is bad then run the motor only by replacing it, if you do not change the SHAFT BUSH then the motor rotor will rub with the stator. , And the motor will heat up and burn very quickly.

Table fan capacitor | Table fan capacitor rating.

A motor of Table fan usually employs a capacitor of 2.5 MFD, and a 3.15 MFD capacitor is used where the voltage is measured to be less than 200 VOLTS, the table fan motor operates at 220 VOLTS, And if the voltage is less than this then the speed of the motor will decrease slightly, then there is no fault of the motor winding in it.

Table fan capacitor connection diagram.

Table fan capacitor connection diagram.

Table fan Rewinding.

The stator of the Table fan is of 8 slots. And the total coils are also 8 ha. Its total RPM is 1400. And it runs at 220 volts. It is made with a stator of 2 to 3 types, with only the core length difference. The rest remains the same. The table fan takes from 55 watts to 100 watts. Table Fan Winding.
We rewind the table fan into four poles, a separation bay is inserted in each of the keys. A capacitor of 2.5 mfd is placed in the table fan. Table blades usually employ 3 blades. In the old times, Usha Company’s Table fans were very papular. Their life bay used to be very much. Some people are going to the same old tables stuck. The table fan is fitted with bush and shaft. The shaft is made of iron mix and the bush which are made of gunmetal material.
for more detail of table fan motor winding with connection watch out TABLE FAN MOTOR WINDING VIDEO, table fan motor winding video link in the description.

Table fan motor winding work motor winding 8 coils turn data coil video,

Table fan winding video.

8 Slot Table fan winding video here.

Table fan motor winding data and connection is here

 When you winding the Table fan, you can do a white paper of 7 numbers, and you can do it with the black paper of 7 numbers. This data is of winding with copper wire, you do not use this data while winding with aluminum wire.


SLOTS         =    8
CORE LENT       = 6 SOOT
RPM = 1400
PITCH  = 1-2
TURNS  = 1000
SWG = 36


Table fan winding work.
Table fan winding work.
The table fan is mostly known as slow speed.
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