Ceiling fan winding 14+ 14 coil

Ceiling fan stator winding 14+14 coil winding data

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Hello friends in this post I will show you how can you rewind is ceiling fan motor. Ceiling fan stator winding 14 + 14 Coil winding data. Ceiling fan we find different types of stator like 12 slot ceiling fan,14 slots ceiling fan, 16 slots ceiling fans, 18 slots ceiling fan, and more than 18 slots. The different slot ceiling fan is whining with different size of winding wire. So so before you you winding a ceiling fan first it sure it that about ceiling fan Stamping like slots.

Ceiling fan winding.

14+14 coil winding Ceiling fan stator winding 14+14 coil winding data by the motor coil winding data ceiling fan winding 14+14 coil, Ceiling fan winding 14 slots.

in this post we have described how to rewind the Ceiling fan stator with ceiling fan winding machine.you can watch full winding data with Ceiling fan winding machine video and tips.

Ceiling fan winding data.

14 Slot Ceiling fan will be rewinded, and what is The Ceiling fan winding data, you will put in it. Only 14 COILS will be put at the bottom of 14 slots fan and 14 COILS above. The bottom winding that is inserted first in the Ceiling fan is always called the starting winding, and the top winding is called the running winding.

In 14 SLOTS fans we will use 35 number winding wire in the bottom winding, and with 35 number winding wire we will put 350 turners in it, this will be our starting winding. In the fan with 14 SLOT, we will use 34 number winding wire in the above winding, and we will put 300 TURNS in it from 34 number wire. That will be our running winding.


14 Slot ceiling fan winding.

The winding of the 14 slot ceiling fan is very easy And Also Easy To Ceiling Fan Winding Data Sheet 14 slot Ceiling fan has different winding, 12 slots Ceiling fan has separate winding, and 16 slot Ceiling fan has different winding. Here You Can Find Motor Winding Data Calculation, In which the motor stator is different, there is also a lot of difference in stamping. The 16 slot Ceiling fan is a slow speed ceiling fan, and the 14 slot ceiling fan is a medium speed ceiling fan, and the 12 slot Ceiling fan is a high-speed Ceiling fan.


Ceiling Fan 14+14 Coil Winding Data Full Video Is Here.



Ceiling Fan Winding Data 14+14=28 Coils

in this post, we have shared some ceiling fan stator rewinding experience.

Ceiling fan stator mostly Rewind by Ceiling Fan Winding machine. different stator rewind by different sizes of its firma and machine s die. mostly ceiling fan stator comes with 12+12 slot, 16+16 slot, 14+14 slots.

14 coil ceiling fan winding data

14+14 slots ceiling fans mostly made by local made companies in India. and 12+12 slots ceiling fan mostly made by like Bajaj, Havell’s, Crompton, pollycap, luminous and many other famous brands in India.

16 slot ceiling fan Rewinding.

16 slots ceiling fan made first of all by ORIENT FAN . and then some models come by Usha fans like Usha diplomat is well build by 16 slots. 16 slots ceiling fans are more reliable than 12 slots and. 14 slots. but it’s not famous but it’s rewinding is more tuff than 12 slots and 16 slots ceiling fans. so it’s not recommended by any mechanic. but no doubt it’s working smoothly and we’ll perfectly.

I m always Recommend to purchase slow speed ceiling fans. but it’s a more efficient and long life than high-speed Ceiling fans.

Ceiling fan winding data for 14 coil Video


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16 slot ceiling fan winding data

in this video ceiling fan coil winding data Ceiling fan stator winding 16+16 slot Electric motor rewinding ceiling fan coil winding data 16+16 slot ceiling fan stator winding data of Orient ceiling fan,Usha diplomat,t series fans, all Ceiling fan mostly used by local mades companies in India. 12

Types of ceiling fan stator winding data of 16 slots electric motor rewinding ceiling fan stator winding ceiling fan motor winding data ceiling fan winding


Ceiling fan stator winding data  14+14 coil winding data
ceiling fan

hunter ceiling fans winding data hunter ceiling fan hunter fans is world-famous and working very well and easy to use.

14+14 Slot Ceiling Fan Stator Winding Data Video Is Here.



Ceiling fan winding data

SLOTS =14+14 = 28





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